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3 Tips on How to Make Money on the Internet Without Spending a Dime


While many thinks that it takes money to make money, I will show you several tips on how to make money on the internet without a single dime! Many internet millionaires are created this way and I’m going to show you their secrets.

How to make money on the internet tip #1 – Have you heard of bum marketing? You simply write an article, sit and wait just like a bum and you can expect money to start flowing in just like that. Once you have written, it will stay online for many months and even years. You don’t need perfect English to write an article, just plain simple English will do. It doesn’t need to be long, just 300 to 500 words are good enough. However, there is some basic technique you need to know, so that your article will land on the 1st page of Google search engine in just a few days instead of getting indexed in a few months!

How to make money on the internet tip #2 – So you are a good writer and you love to write. Ideas just flow to your brain and you can write

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Monitor Children on the Internet Tips


  1. First, use some common sense to monitor your children on the Internet the easy way. For instance, simply place the computer in a public area perhaps the kitchen where you can monitor them. Some children will complain loudly but these are your rules. They live under your house, right? You’re the boss. Enforce the rules and be firm yet let your children understand that you love them too. To help you with this process create an Internet contract that establishes your house rules. This will clearly outline what are your responsibilities and what are their responsibilities for their Internet usage. You can also state that they should contact you if they encounter any inappropriate material or people which makes them feel uncomfortable.
  2. Secondly, a good program will help you monitor your children on the Internet. There are several and some are free yet I’m always a believer in paying for good software. If you can afford Internet access for your children then you can afford good monitoring software. The cost is generally around $30 or $40 per year which works out to 10 cents or less a day. Really, there is no excuse
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Top 5 Tips to Get Massive Traffic to Your Websites


There are a lot of options for getting traffic to your websites. Some of them are easy, some are difficult. Some give more impact, some less. Here are the top 5 tips to get massive traffic to your websites.

Tip #1:

Make sure that your websites or featured web pages come up within the first page of Google search. How on earth do you do that quickly? By simply picking a niche that has much less competition.

Tip #2:

Use viral marketing with whatever product of value that you are willing to give away for free. Of importance is that the product must give the consumers value. For example, you can give away a software that helps the consumer to do better and quicker research on a topic, or an e-book on ‘The Secret to Buying Your Car at more than 40% Off’. This will ensure that your freebie gets passed around quickly on the internet.

Tip #3:

Do advertising on related websites. Sure, you may need to fork out some money to pay for the advertising space, but if the site has huge amounts of traffic, you have got it made. You are leveraging on the traffic

Online Fraud ToRise By 2020

Based on a new report from Juniper Research Limited, the value of fraudulent transactions completed online will jump from $10.7 billion in 2015 to $25.6 billion in 2020. 65% ($16.6 billion) of the total value will be brought about by eCommerce and Mcommerce retail. Online banking will count for 27%, and airline ticketing will make up 6%of that total.

Payment Processing Fraud

Juniper Research, a UK-based payments consultancy, focused on 2 important areas -omnichannel initiatives and electronic gift cards.

The thing is that there is increased attention to omnichannel initiatives, which means a larger amount of retailers is offering buy-online or pay in-store options, making fraudsters increasingly take advantage. On the other hand, more retailers are offering electronic gift cards, which is another specific problem for eCommerce and Mcommerce merchants.

With this in mind, merchants, especially high risk, should find a trustworthy payment processor like EMB to apply for merchant account services. eMerchantBroker is a reputable high risk merchant account provider that offers exceptional payment processing solutions to any business. eMerchantBroker.comprovides reliable POS systems and multiple gateways.

Need Protection from Payment Processing Fraud?

As a proven platform, EMB offers a full suite of safe and secure payment processing options, including tangible and virtual terminals. With

Tips To Surf Like Broadband Speed On Slow Speed Internet Connection

In countries like India, many people have limited access to internet as compared to those in US and UK like countries. Many people are using usb internet cards and mobile phones to surf internet on their computer or laptop which do not offer more than 144 Kbps internet speed. Hence I thought this guide will help those people to surf internet with higher speed than ever.

Why dial-up internet connection and usb NIC card for internet access have become slower to surf internet?

Due to the growth of technology, most websites are being developed in web 2.0 technology with full of high resolution images, flash animation, flash videos of promotion and presentation to enhance the user experience, but similarly this has put an requirement on high speed internet connection. For example gmail (most popular email service provider) has it’s three different version for different internet speed need.

If you think you do not need great user experience and you only need to surf for information and for online contacts only, there are few tips especially for you to enhance the speed of surfing internet.

Disable Images and Flash content in your browser:

If you do not need images and flash content to be displayed while

10 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Internet Business Model

Here’s my 10 Top Tips to ensure you choose the right internet business best suited to your skills and income desires.

With the vast amount of information and opportunities on the internet it can be difficult to know where you’ll fit in and what to do next, so before you jump in go through this list of my top ten tips.

  1. Be Realistic All too often unsuspecting people get taken in by attractive sales copy and purchase the next ‘must have’ product without realising that all businesses take time to generate any income. You can indeed generate large sums of cash, generally proportionate to the amount of effort you are willing to put into a project to make it work.
  2. Internet Businesses fail too

Be under no illusion that internet businesses fail too, just ask the people around the business in the dot com boom days. The internet is no magic wand and many of your businesses will fail, but that’s business whether it is online or offline.

  1. What do you want to achieve

Do you want your own helicopter, private jet and somewhere to park it, or are you just looking to top up your income or pension. Deciding it is

3 Internet Home Based Businesses Anyone Can Do

If you’re serious about having a home based business, then you need to prepare. The leading reason for a failing home based business is the lack of preparation people commit after they’ve made a decision to start a home based business.

So what kind of home based business opportunity should you take on? Do you want to have an internet-based home business? Millions have done it, are doing it and are earning good livings doing so.

Here are three different kinds of Internet based business models you can try:

1) Be an online retailer for reputable companies. Your home based internet business can give reviews about all the products and services of these companies. Your customers will browse around your website, and then click on to the link. The link will send the customer to the company’s customer service website, which takes care of processing and shipping their order.

Your home based online business website does the marketing, promoting and advertising aspects for these companies. Your commission comes from the proceeds of the sale. You don’t even have to spend money for expensive e-commerce software.

2) You may not be able to bear the pain of separating from your oldest possessions, but how about auctioning

5 Killer Tips on How to Make Insane Money on the Internet

Yeah, I know. You have read article upon article about how to make money on the Internet. Most have the same old tired advice. The Internet is constantly changing and as an Internet marketer, you have to change as well. This article is designed to give you a few “action steps” to get you started.

Before we discuss those steps, let’s go over some “success” ideas that will help you get to the point where you can make money on the Internet. Most of these are common sense but it always helps to reiterate these concepts.

The first is that everything happens for a purpose and a reason. Think about this. What has brought you to the point that you are reading this article about making money on the Internet? Perhaps you have tried to make money on the Internet but have found it allusive. You are still searching and hoping to stumble upon a way to find real success. Whatever the reason, understand that you are where you are on purpose. Seize the moment.

Secondly, realize that it is not necessary to be able to understand everything to be able to use everything. The Internet offers unparalleled access to many new and

How the War Against Spam is Killing the Internet

Hands down, email is the most widely used and loved computer

application brought to life by the Internet.

According to the publication ‘Messaging Today’ (2000 Electronic
Mailbox Report – Feb. 21, 2001), “Email is the most successful
communications technology since the television, and in a few
years will even surpass that. There are currently more than 891
million email accounts in use Worldwide and 440 million in the
U.S. alone – with an average of more than 4 email accounts per

While more than 200 million of us use and enjoy email, there
are a few thousand people abusing the system and damaging the
communication potential of email for the rest of us.


The most common forms of email abuse are as follows:

– Using email harvesters (software which gathers email
addresses from the Internet for the purpose of sending
spam messages).

– Selling the addresses gathered from an actual opt-in email
list to someone who the recipient did not give contact
permission to personally.

– Buying the Millions CD’s and then requiring people to
opt-out of email, rather than to opt-in to the email.

– Providing remove addresses that do not work.

Generally, the persons using these spam techniques are morons

How to Earn Money on Internet Quick and Easy

When it comes to making money online, there are some quick easy money making techniques that you can use to earn online revenue as well as some more difficult methods. It might sound surprising but the truth is that some of the better ways of making money online are also the easiest. Here are a few tips how to earn money on internet.

Online business generates a big amount of income if you know how to get it. This is actually true. Online business has attracted a lot of business men and customers that its demands went flying more than expected. In result, it has also opened a lot of opportunities for people to earn money quick and easy. However, many are still not aware on how to earn money on internet.

There are many “how to earn money on internet tips” that are available in blog sites online. With the current job market lacking opportunity for people to earn a well fix income, still the internet economy did not diminish in opportunities to offer. To earn money on internet you have to know one of these “how to earn money on internet tips.”

First and foremost, get a good working personal computer

How to Start a Free Traffic Stampede

Driving customers to your website for free is impossible…isn’t it? No it is not impossible and I do it each and every day. Here is one of my free internet marketing tips and it will help you drive free traffic to your business.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of marketing your product or service is article marketing. It is really easy and will laser target the proper traffic to send to your site.

Many marketers tend to use the shotgun effect when directing traffic to their site. They make it their goal to get as many visitors to their site as possible. The problem with this is that most of the traffic is not specifically targeted to the niche they are working in. What is the use to massive traffic through your site but yet only net a signup rate in percentages of a single digit?

There are many marketers who offer free internet marketing tips, but if they are telling you that you cannot get free traffic to your website they are dead wrong.

Article marketing is the process of writing short articles which are usually 250 to 350 words in length and submitting them to article directories. These

Make Money on Internet

One of the best ways to make money on internet communities is to join the community first and make sure that it is providing helpful information and that it has longstanding members.

An internet community is any number of online sites where members join to discuss a certain topic.  That topic could be how to make money online, dogs, motorcycles, new mothers, make money at home, or a host of other topics.

Most of these online type groups or communities will charge a monthly fee in order to be a member.  Inside the group will be information and other bonuses that are only available to members.

The great thing about promoting these types of businesses as a money making venture is that they monthly income is residual.  That means that if you are getting paid $15.00 per member referred and you sent them 100 people, that’s $1500.00 in potential income for you.  The following month, you will continue to receive that $1500.00 minus any members that decided to cancel their membership.

As you can see, this type of online business can be quite lucrative and it pays you many times for something you technically do just once.  That is the beauty of residual income. 

3 Internet Tips For MLM Success

If you are reading this it’s probably because you realize there are BETTER ways to go about building a network marketing business then many of us have been told.

Success is really so simple. It comes down to generating an endless amount of new prospects to bring through your marketing funnel, and making sure your marketing funnel is doing a great job at converting those prospects to partners.

That’s it. Once that’s in place, you can funnel as many people as you want through that funnel and it will always spit distributors out on the other end.

So here are 3 tips for using the internet to make that happen:

  1. Create your own leads! Do not buy generic leads from lead companies. Those leads are not who you want to be talking too. You want to talk with people who have specifically visited your site, and requested more information from you.
  2. Do not use company related websites. These websites DO NOT get the job done that we need to do. Plus, if you send your prospect to this site and they do become a lead…you still don’t control the information they will get! The company will send them generic info and you will NEVER get

Quick Internet Tips to Help Find a Job

When a job seeker says “I don’t have Internet access,” or “I’m not Internet savvy,” it cannot be an excuse in this competitive environment the job market has become. Here are some quick thoughts:

– Sorry, but faxing doesn’t cut it anymore.

– Get email account for FREE at Yahoo, Hotmail or Google.

– Go to a friend’s house with Internet or to your local library because THEY HAVE INTERNET!

– Enroll in a free or sometimes VERY cheap, local “Learn How to Use Internet” classes at Library or community colleges, high schools, etc. – sign up for a $25/class to learn basics of internet terms, navigation, etc. Even Microsoft Word to develop your resume and cover letter.

– Post your resume onto general and niche specific job boards as well as company portals. Almost all companies post their job openings on their website…so go to a company website, find the CAREERS section and enter that career section (called a portal)…sometimes you can even setup an account before applying to a job, post your resume onto that company career account and setup keyword alerts….thus, if you’re a mechanical engineer and they post a job a month later for an mechanical engineer, the company will let

How to Make Money Using the Internet

Many companies are turning to affiliate marketing as a way to promote their products, and lots of people are using this as a mean to make an extra income.

So what is affiliate marketing? It is a cheap way to market the products, since the companies only pay commission once the product is sold. In addition if you ever thought on how to make money using the internet, then you should research more in depth the affiliate marketing opportunity. It is actually also a very cheap and easy way to earn some extra income or a full time income. But it is not an overnight get rich scheme. So still you will need to put in some work and lots of time to learn it. Here are some tips you would be wise to follow in order to succeed:

  1. If you are new to internet marketing, you will need to read and study lots. This will imply spending lots of time reading and trying things. You will need to commit yourself to succeed. Set yourself some goal and be prepared to overcome the obstacles that will be presented/
  2. You will need the discipline to work according to a plan that you set up.

Home Based Business on the Internet Tips to Get Started the Best Way

This article will offer some useful ideas on how to start and run a home based business on the internet.

“Is the target market responsive? If you can’t answer this question ‘yes’ without reasonable confidence, then the answer is ‘no.’ A market can only be considered responsive if the majority of people who make up that market, have in the recent past purchased a product or service similar to the one you are considering.” Peter J. Patsula, “Evaluating Business Opportunities”

The market. This is the first thing we must consider once we have decided on entering the world of business. Is there a market for my business? Will my products sell? Can I do it at home?

Home based business on the internet is what the world now has – buying and selling on the tips of their fingers with one click.

Here are some ideas to ponder about home based business on the internet:

1.The present condition of our economy is not stable. Doing business at home on the internet is a very appealing idea. If you already have a running business, you can make a website and maximize your consumer’s demand by advertising online. Why online? Because everybody is online – even your

How to Make Money on WordPress

You’ll be surprised to note that many people have started using distinct internet resources to make money with just a click of a button. If you’re smart enough, then you will know how to make money on WordPress. If you’re familiar with WordPress, then you can easily publish a blog of your own. Plug-ins on WordPress will be the features that can be added to the blog for enhancing user interface. Making money using plug-ins ensures that your blog is a spam-free zone. Thousands of plug-ins are available on WordPress and allows consumers to earn a passive income based on efficiency and demand of the plug-in.

Developing WordPress themes is essentially another subject of consideration that stimulates economical growth. Are you a web developer? If you are, then you know what kind of audience is being targeted for designing an amazing theme. Plenty of commercial organizations introduce specialists to create high quality themes. If you are one of them, then perhaps you’d like a web development consultancy service? If you’re good at using WordPress, you can officially give consultancy regarding ideal themes and logos for the site. By connecting with influential bloggers on the net, you can attract a chain of

5 Internet Tips Every Direct Sales Consultant Should Implement

If you’re starting a new direct sales business and feeling overwhelmed with web 2.0, you’re not alone. You’re already busy setting up your business and now you’ve got to think about having an online presence too. Where do you start, right? I can relate because I was trying to implement everything at once and felt so burnt out. To be successful, you don’t need to do everything i.e. pay per click, article marketing, video marketing, social media, and so forth. You can always add on. Keep it simple and implement a few things.

Keep your focus on mastering a few things like setting up a blog or web site. It’s better to be an expert on a few topics rather than being a generalist and doing everything with mediocrity.

Here are 5 tips to have an online presence:

Set up a Blog

There’s a ton of online resources on blogging. Whether to choose WordPress or Blogger, why blogs increase more traffic then a static web site, and so much more. You will find more info than I could offer in this short post. However, here are three tips: narrow your topic to a few “niche” ones or on topics that you have a lot

Free Calls Over the Internet

We constantly hear about people talking to each other over the internet. We often see an advertisement offering free calls, saying that all you need is an internet connection.

Is it a myth that we can make free calls to a telephone number from a computer? Do we need an internet phone line to place a call? Is it possible to call to destinations anywhere in the world, for free? Or, do you need a special internet phone? Are the calls really free? What if the person I want to phone does not have internet? How can there be free calls for mobile phones when mobile telephony is known to be expensive?

If you have that kind of questions in your mind, this article is for you, since it throws some light on basic ideas that you can use to dig on and make free calls thanks to the internet.

Free calls? How free is “free”?

Yes, you can make free calls over the internet. Free, as in not paying a cent. There are some costs though: the connection to the internet (you need access to the internet at least at one end of the call) and in some cases you will have to

Internet Tips and Techniques

One of the greatest things about the Internet is all of these tips, tricks, and techniques that we’re sharing are so low-cost or even no cost that when you fail you lose very little – or even no money whatsoever. That’s the best way to fail! The PERFECT product that can make you financially independent for life must be something unique that people can’t get anywhere else. It must be compelling enough to make people want to send you their money through the mail. It must be compelling enough to get people captivated with the product and make them feel that they can buy it sight unseen. You have to be careful when saying it is free. You don’t want to charge too high of a processing fee, but you can charge a processing fee to cover your fees of the cost of getting it on the Internet and getting it set up.

Another powerful factor when it comes to placing these banner ads on your site, is that although you may worry about them being cluttered up, it makes your site look commercially viable. You will have advertisers all over your site! This could, literally, attract other paying advertisers because